Looking forward to your first session with a psychologist? Or nervous about what to expect? However you’re feeling, Life Resolutions Principal Psychologist Mary Magalotti is here with some important things to remember before you head in.

#1 You’re Not Being Judged

Some people worry that their psychologist will judge them, or that their problems somehow aren’t ‘serious’ enough. Mary Magalotti stresses that Life Resolutions psychologists have helped all kinds of people, from all walks of life – they’re here to listen, not to judge!

#2 They’re Here to Help

Remember, your appointment is all about YOU! Mary Magalotti says that it might be helpful to come prepared with notes on the things you feel are important to discuss – although it’s normal to go off topic, it might help to have some guidance. You should also discuss with your psychologist any unique needs or triggers that you have – they’ll be happy to accommodate.

#3 Your Feelings Are Important

Mary Magalotti says although it’s normal to start off a little nervous and unsure, you should begin to feel more comfortable with your psychologist after a few sessions. If you feel like your emotional needs aren’t being met, speak up! Your psychologist will be keen to hear about how they can better support you, or even recommend you to another professional who might suit you better.

Chat to a Life Resolutions Psychologist Today

If you feel like you could benefit from some extra support, Mary Magalotti and the Life Resolutions team encourage you to reach out and organise a session with one of our friendly psychologists today.

You can also explore our website to learn more about Life Resolutions or book an appointment online.

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