Mental wellness is an important factor in everyone’s wellbeing. Mental health concerns can affect anyone no matter their gender, age or background. According to the Black Dog Institute, in 2011, men accounted for over three quarters (76%) of deaths from suicide in Australia. However, an estimated 72% of males don’t seek help for mental disorders. Our head psychologist, Mary Magalotti works with our team of psychologists to improve the mental wellbeing of all Australians. Jodie Brenton works tirelessly to make these mental health services accessible to men.

The Statistics

  • Beyond Blue reports that in 2019, an average of 6.9 men died by suicide every day across Australia. This is 3 times higher than the suicide rate of women.
  • Above 13% of men experienced depression or anxiety in the last 12 months.
  • Men are less likely to experience depression and anxiety but are less likely to seek help or speak up about their mental health concerns.

What To Do If You Are Struggling with Your Mental Health

  • Catch up with a mate and talk – while it may be daunting to open up to your friends about your mental health, this is one of the best ways to seek the support you need. It is also integral in reducing the stigma around male mental health and helps to normalise men sharing their emotions. Although we are unable to see our loved ones in person, we can stay in contact over the phone.
  • Don’t isolate yourself – try to stay social, call your friends and stay connected. This will ensure you are continuously reminded that people love and care for you and may help you to open up to your mates.
  • Seek professional support – while it is good to speak to your friends, professional psychologists and counsellors are trained in providing support to people with mental health issues; they have the skills and knowledge needed to get you back on the right path to mental wellbeing. If you need help right now, contact a 24-hour hotline such as Beyond Blue or Lifeline. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly psychologists at Life Resolutions, please reach out and make an appointment through this link.

The Life Resolutions team are dedicated to providing quality support to Australians during this difficult time. Our CEO, Jodie Brenton and principal psychologist, Mary Magalotti, understand that social isolation is contributing to an increase in mental health issues and are committed to providing the services to help anyone in need of support.

If you would like to hear more about the journey of Life Resolutions or speak to Mary Magalotti or Jodie Brenton, feel free to contact us HERE, or head to the Life Resolutions website to discover more about the work of Life Resolutions Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti.