Here at Life Resolutions, our services are aimed to benefit Australians in a range of ways. Our head psychologist, Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists aim to provide all Australians with the tools and skills to live a happy and healthy life. We offer services that we believe will benefit everyone, even those with good mental wellness. Our Director, Jodie Brenton, strives to make the Life Resolutions services accessible to all Australians.

You do not have to be struggling with a mental illness to benefit from counselling. Our counselling services can benefit everyone! Here are some counselling services that may break your idea of what counselling is!

Our Services

Life Coaching

Life coaching covers a range of topics that impact your quality of life. Our psychologists focus on how you can improve your life and get you closer to where you want to be. Additionally, life coaching can help you capitalise on the aspects of your life you enjoy. Life coaching can also help you improve your sense of self and help you find your identity.

Career Counselling 

The Life Resolutions team believes every person should have a career that makes them happy and can be proud of. Career counselling can help you identify your strengths, set and plan manageable goals, and support you while you pursue your dream job. Our career counselling sessions, conducted by a psychologist, can help you find and take steps towards that dream career.

Organisational Consulting

Our Organisational Psychologists work with different organisations and their employees to develop a cohesive and successful dynamic. We work with you to devise strategies to recruit, motivate, develop, change and inspire people in the workplace. Organisational success takes more than just a good business plan. Organisations must have the right people, values, team strategies and goals to succeed.

Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists offer services that can improve the lives of all Australians, regardless of their current mental wellbeing. At Life Resolutions, we also offer a range of services that provide mental health support. Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti aim to ensure all Australians can access services that will improve their life and wellbeing.

For more information on our services visit our website. You can also book online or over the phone.