Backed by the grand vision of our Founder and Director, Jodie Brenton, and the dedication of our Life Resolutions psychology team, headed by Mary Magalotti, we want to ensure that everyone has access to the support that helps them thrive.

Speak to a Psychologist Over the Phone

As part of our commitment to accessible mental health care and support, we’re proud to offer telehealth psychology appointments for all our clients. Whether you’d like to chat to a psychologist on the phone or via technology like Zoom, our friendly team is here to help.

Affordable Appointments and Short Wait Times

We’re also dedicated to ensuring that money and time aren’t barriers to seeking quality support. We offer financial supports like EAP and Mental Healthcare Plan rebates through Medicare, so there’s always options for those who need a little extra help.

Additionally, we’re proud to have a number of compassionate, understanding psychologists on board – so you’ll never be waiting months for your next appointment.

Contact Life Resolutions Today

Want to chat to one of our Life Resolutions psychologists? Book an appointment online or over the phone today and know that you’re well on your way to health, wellness, and happiness.

You can also learn more about Jodie Brenton, Mary Magalotti, and the Life Resolutions psychology franchise by visiting our website.