At Life Resolutions, we understand the issues couples can face. Although a relationship can bring joy and excitement to our lives, there is bound to be times of conflict and difficulties. Sometimes, differing communication styles and trouble expressing opinions can be the key culprit for relationship issues and breakdowns.

Our team is proud to provide Couples Communication Coaching for any couples who are struggling to communicate effectively. Despite your best intentions, sometimes what you say can be misconstrued and misunderstood, and couples communication coaching can assist you and your partner in learning to communicate honestly and transparently.

If you are struggling with conflict in your relationship or would just like to build a strong base of healthy communication skills, ourCouples Communication Coaching could help you. Our Life Resolutions team of skilled and compassionate counsellors have years of experience helping couples resolve difficulties and move forward together.

 Mary Magalotti’s Thoughts on Communicating Effectively:

Demonstrate respect during arguments– even when you are frustrated, never insult or demean your partner with your words or actions. Always consider their feelings and explain your perspective calmly.

Fight the problem instead of the person – instead of always attempting to ‘win’ the argument and bring your partner around to your point of view, think of your partner and you as a team against the common issue you are facing.

Leave the argument in the past– after you are calm, take a moment to compliment your partner or do something kind for them. Avoid letting negative feelings impact how you treat your loved one.

Seek professional support when necessary– every couple can benefit from professional advice and support sometimes. If you are continuing to struggle with frequent conflict, couple’s communication coaching could be what you need to move forward.

Professional Support from Mary Magalotti and Life Resolutions

If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties and would like support, Couples Communication Coaching can help you. Our Life Resolutions team offer professional services in conflict management and developing communication skills.

If you would like to book an appointment, please contact our team today.For more information on our services at Life Resolutions, or to learn more about our Principal Psychologist, Mary Magalotti, you can visit our website.