This year has brought about many changes to the way we live, study and work. One of these changes is the increasing amount of people now working from home. If this is you, read on for some advice from Jodie Brenton on making the most of your new routine.

Jodie Brenton’s Working from Home Advice

  1. Commit to a schedule– Although it may be tempting to start work late and continue on until the evening, setting a regular routine similar to the one you use in the office can help you stay motivated.
  2. Prioritise your goals – It can be easy to feel distracted and directionless halfway through the day when working from home. Take time to write down your tasks for the day and refer back to it if you feel yourself at a loss for what to work on next.
  3. Take regular breaks – Respect your lunch hour by eating away from your desk, and make sure to stretch or take a short walk throughout the day. This will refresh both your mind and body and ensure you are ready to work when you return to the computer.
  4. Pay attention to your mental health–Remember that this year has been a tough one for many, and there is no shame in seeking support if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or emotional.Our team at Life Resolutions are here to work with you on whatever you are struggling with. We are currently offeringTelehealth services, so contact us today for support.

The Life Resolutions Team are Here for You

If you are struggling with the challenges of this year or any other issues, please reach out andcontact Life Resolutions today to book an appointment.Our friendly team of professionals at Life Resolutions are ready to support you through whatever is troubling you.

Visit Jodie Brenton&Mary Magalotti for more about the work they do with Life Resolutions, orbook a face-to-face consultation or Telehealth appointment with our friendly Life Resolutions team by heading to our bookings page.

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