Working from home with Mary Magalotti

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated many changes to the ways people around Australia live, study and work. Although these changes are helping keep us safe, that does not mean they can’t be hard be cope with. One change many people are now facing is the difficulties of working from home.

Why are Boundaries so Important when Working from Home?

A major issue with working from home is maintaining a boundary between home and work life. If your living room table has now become your office space, the importance of separating the two is more crucial than ever. Creating these boundaries mean you will be productive while working and able to properly unwind while relaxing.

Tips on Creating Boundaries

Here at Life Resolutions, we’re are also facing the same new challenges of working from home, so we have put together some advice to help you make the most of workday

  1. Routine – create a daily schedule and stick with it.Although it might be tempting to work late into the night trying to get that big project finished, maintaining a consistent bedtime will help you sleep and start you off refreshed the next day. Try to also dedicate some time to relaxation before bed – read a book, drink a comforting cup of tea or chat to a friend.
  2. To-do List– set a list of tasks for the day before you start working. You can refer to these tasks throughout your workday, so you know exactly what needs to be done. When you have completed a task, check it off the list and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.
  3. Regular breaks – take a break away from the computer and out of your working space if you start to feel yourself getting overwhelmed or distracted. Take time to have a snack, do some stretches or speak to a friend, and when you come back to the computer, you will return refreshed and ready to go.
  4. Lunch – it can be easy to forget all about lunch when working from home, but that midday break helps us stay motivated for the afternoon. Try walking down the street to pick up some takeaway or take time to cook a healthy lunch in the kitchen.
  5. Mental Wellbeing–it is normal for this to be a time of increased stress for many, especially facing the challenges of working from home. If you feel yourself struggling with increased stress, it is important to reach out. Our team of passionate mental health professionals are offering Telehealth servicesso clients can receive help and support online. If you’d like support and advice about adjusting to COVID-19 and your new routine,contact our team andbook an appointment.

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