Personal boundaries are limits and expectations that we can create to identify the behaviour and treatment we expect from others. These boundaries are important because they help us recognise our own self-worth. Boundary-setting is crucial for healthy relationships and general wellbeing, but it can be tough to do.

Today, Mary Magalotti of Life Resolutions explains how you can create and preserve your own personal boundaries.

Setting Boundaries – Mary Magalotti’s Guide

Pay attention to your feelings: Are there some situations or people that often make you feel uncomfortable, or upset? If so, you may need to create some boundaries to ensure you’re not left feeling distressed.

Name your limits: If you can, clearly communicate your boundaries to others. It doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation – try explaining how you feel when someone behaves a certain way using ‘I’ statements, without casting blame.

Make self-care a priority: Self-care is important because it means giving yourself permission to put yourself first. If someone routinely upsets you, it is okay to walk away from that situation – that’s part of boundary-setting too.

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