Could you be Dealing with a Binge Eating Disorder?

When people think of eating disorders, they tend to think of undereating rather than overeating. But binge eating disorder is just as real and is just as capable of causing negative health outcomes for the individual, both physically and mentally.

Binge eating is characterised by overeating to cope with stressful or traumatic events or circumstances and can cause the individual to not only suffer from the health effects of the disorder but lots of shame as well. Therefore, at Life Resolutions,we offer specialist and compassionatesupport for anyone struggling with disordered eating.

Mary Magalotti on Identifying Binge Eating Disorder

Someone is considered to have a binge eating disorderwhen they consume more than a normal amountof food during a single sitting, and struggle to control what they eat.

Indicators of binge eating disorder include eating very quickly, eating more than the necessary amount of food, and feeling shame around eating.

Someone experiencing binge eating disorder may be so ashamed of their eating that they refuse to eat in front of others and feel angry with themselves after eating. They may then attempt to cope with these feelings by continuing to eat large amounts of food, and thus the destructive cycle continues. It is important to note that binge eating can affect people of any size or shape.

Issues around food can be particularly difficult to cope with, and you may not know where to turn for help. The team at Life Resolutions, including Mary Magalotti andJodie Brentonhave extended experience helping people work through their struggles with eating and can provide you with specialised support.

Seek Support with Life Resolutions

If you are worried about your relationship with food and think you may have symptoms of an eating disorder,our team of professional psychologists can help.We offer bothTelehealth servicesandin-person consultations, you so you can access our services onsite or from the comfort of your home. If you are experiencing issues with eating,contact our friendly team today andbook an appointment.

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